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Historical places in Lahore, Pakistan

  Historical places in Lahore
by johnanthea

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u should goto the city lahore...
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john_1 11 reviews
Favorite thing: u should goto the city lahore as so called 'heart of pakistan' this city has mixed culture with modern sites to old sites and how ppl lived for centuries since the mogal rule ...... people here r kind and also very helpful and they help others in only some bunch of paki money in lahore there is foodstreet, badshahi mosque, minar i pak,....and other buildings

Fondest memory: people in northern areas were very kind and hostile to others i didnt find any paki 'protesting' to me as i saw in my TV screens after sept 11th and they didnt behave like extremisits or what ...they were living life like others do.i m also putting the picture which of building known as eifel tower of asia..
Written Aug 26, 2002
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Minar-e-Pakistan (Tower of...
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Favorite thing: Minar-e-Pakistan (Tower of Pakistan)

Minar-e-Pakistan marks the spot at which the Muslim League on March 23, 1940 passed the resolution calling for the creation of the independent Muslim state of Pakistan.
Written Aug 26, 2002
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johnanthea's General Tip
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johnanthea 6 reviews
Written Aug 25, 2002
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Go to Lahore - coming from...
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jstrudwick 60 reviews
Favorite thing: Go to Lahore - coming from India it seems green, clean and so much quieter. The Red Fort is worth visiting.

Fondest memory: Driving an old, converted, London double decker bus through the Baluchistan desert

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